EuropeGroup | Car Sharing
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Car Sharing

Our Chauffeur@Sharing® service offers different ways of car sharing


Why choose Chauffeur@Sharing® ?

In addition to being Eco-friendly, Chauffeur@Sharing® is the best way to save money, reducing the number of trips for your employees, especially if your company has many offices all along the territory.

Many companies rely on us for their business travels between Milan, Rome, Naple, Florence and Turin offices.


Innovation in Chauffeur@Sharing®

Our car sharing service is different from others since we let our customer decide themselves wheter they like to travel together, but we also actively advice them to choose such option when we notice a compatibility in two or more service for the same company.


Chauffeur@Sharing®for everyone

Car sharing is a chance to save money for one-time travellers, too.

Book a shared car with other people even if you need to travel a shorter route than them: we will calculate the right amount you have to pay based on the route you actually travelled.